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Actor Elizabeth Banks Advocates for Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Rights

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. Check out Elizabeth Banks talking about reproductive rights in the video below. In this Obama for America PSA, she shares how Planned Parenthood was her healthcare provider after college when she couldn’t afford health insurance. Banks obtained birth control and says she doesn’t want to and shouldn’t have to discuss … Continue reading

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Two New Domestic Violence PSAs Shed Light On an Often Hidden Epidemic

Originally published at Fem2pt0. Fashion magazines often utilize sexualized images of violence to objectify, exploit and subjugate women. In the recent disgusting spread “Victim of Beauty,” Bulgarian fashion magazine 12 replicated domestic abuse survivors’ wounds. In Vogue Italia’s horrific BP oil-themed spread and Gucci’s appalling dead women in the desert, we witness the media’s continual … Continue reading

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Guess Who The Washington Post’s Express Quoted Regarding Body-Shaming and Seventeen Magazine Photoshopping??

Omg The Washington Post‘s Express quoted me!! AND more importantly, next to a photo of Tina Fey. Swoon! Here’s my quote on teen feminist Julia Bluhm, Seventeen Magazine photoshopping kerfuffle, and the #KeepItReal victory: “We’re teaching girls and women to forever wage war against their bodies. It’s time to call a cease fire. Thankfully, that’s … Continue reading

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#KeepItReal Victory! Seventeen Magazine Pledges Not to Digitally Alter Girls’ Images

In the magazine publishing world, it’s been said “airbrushing images is an industry standard.” But it doesn’t have to be. Seventeen Magazine has agreed not to digitally alter images of young female models and celebs. And its all thanks to the #KeepItReal Challenge and one passionate teen activist. Continue reading

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A Feminist Vegan & Domestic Violence Survivor on PETA’s Latest Ad Which Glorifies Domestic Violence

Cross-posted at Fem2pt0. Well, folks…PETA is at it again. No strangers to utilizing sexism and misogyny, they’ll do whatever it takes to garner attention for animal rights. With their latest ad campaign, they prove that nothing is too taboo to manipulate. Their latest offensive ad, “Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of Me,” … Continue reading

Top 14 Sexist Super Bowl Ads and the #NotBuyingIt Campaign
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Top 14 Sexist Super Bowl Ads and the #NotBuyingIt Campaign

Cross-posted at Fem2pt0. Super Bowl ads are big business. In 2011, the Super Bowl yielded the number 1 spot for ratings. With record-breaking numbers, an average of 111.3 million people watched this Sunday’s game. With so many people watching, “this means most women, children, LGBT” and people of color are watching too. Yet the advertising … Continue reading

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Trailers for ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’ and ‘Mirror, Mirror’ Perpetuate Stereotypes of Women, Beauty & Aging

Two upcoming films, Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror, may have transformed Snow White into a warrior but sadly the marketing’s messages remain the same. — Don’t trust other women, they’re your enemies. As women age, they obsess over their fading beauty, jealous of younger women. You just need a strong, handsome man to … Continue reading