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Documentary ‘Gloria: In Her Own Words’ Gives Insight to a Feminist Icon

Originally published at Bitch Flicks at part of their “Biopic and Documentary Series.” If I were to ask you to name a famous feminist, who would you say? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that most of you would probably say Gloria Steinem. And with good reason. A pioneering feminist icon, … Continue reading

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In Defense of ‘Marie Antoinette:’ Sofia Coppola’s Re-Imagining Surprisingly Feminist

Originally published at Bitch Flicks as part of their “Biopic and Documentary Series.” Many chastised Sofia Coppola’s re-imagining of Marie Antoinette. Some critics complained about the addition of modern music while others thought it looked too slick, like an MTV music video (remember those??). But I think most people missed the point. Beyond the confectionary … Continue reading

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In Honor of Women’s History Month, ‘Bitch Flicks’ Features Female-Centered Biopic and Documentary Series

March commemorates Women’s History Month. I’ve written before about why Women’s History Month still matters. Textbooks, historical novels and films often omit or diminish women’s voices, stories and struggles. Media often writes women out of history. That’s why this is the perfect time to take a look at biopics and documentaries featuring women. All this … Continue reading

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Voices Carry: The Role of Women in North African Revolutions

Originally published in the April 2011 edition of Italianieuropei. Civil uprisings exploded across the Middle East and North Africa in the past few months. Protests in Tunisia spurred a chain reaction. Ignited by the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, an unemployed college student who set himself on fire in front of a government building after the … Continue reading

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Why Women’s History Month Matters

Today marks the last day of Women’s History Month.  Now you might be thinking, why do we even need a history month for women?  Something I certainly heard quite often growing up.  And in theory, you’d be right.  Women’s history doesn’t exist separately; our lives intricately intertwine with men’s.  Yet that’s precisely what happens in … Continue reading