“Politicians Off My Poontang!” 3 Posters Sound a Rallying Cry for Reproductive Justice

Reproductive justice AND swearing like a sailor?? Do you love these 3 posters half as much as I do??? ColorLines reported California-based artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez designed these images with women of color (love that!) accompanied by colorful language. She created the posters on International Women’s Day in response to douchebag Rush Limbaugh’s bullshit … Continue reading

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Start a !WAR: Documentary “!Women Art Revolution” Unveils Convergence of Feminism, Activism and Art

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. Let’s play a game.  Name three artists…go on.  Now who comes to mind?  Picasso?  Monet?  Michelangelo?  Now what if I asked you to name three female artists.  You probably would think of Frida Kahlo or Georgia O’Keefe.  But what about other women like Judy Chicago, Kathe Kollwitz, Ana Mendieta or Miranda July?  … Continue reading