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Rihanna Might Not Care What You Think About Her Contact with Chris Brown But It Affects Perceptions of Domestic Violence

You might have been pissed Rihanna reunited with Chris Brown professionally (I know I was) or that rumors about their romantic reunion continue to swirl. But Rihanna’s not apologizing for getting back in touch (and staying in touch) with her ex-boyfriend and domestic violence abuser. She’s going to do what she pleases. In May’s issue … Continue reading

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The Weight of Words: How Ashley Judd’s Hip-Hop Comments Opened the Door to Discuss Rape Culture

As you’ve probably heard by now, actor Ashley Judd ignited a firestorm of controversy over her condemnation of rap and hip-hop from her new memoir All That is Bitter & Sweet.  Here is the passage that caused the furor: “YouthAIDS created hip public service announcements for TV and radio using popular local and international celebrities … Continue reading

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Lady in Red…Meat: Should We Condemn Lady Gaga for Wearing a Meat Dress?

Okay…the meat dress.  As we all know by now, Lady Gaga donned a raw meat dress (yes, folks it was real) for the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).  As the resident vegan at work, my colleague Nai exuberantly asked my thoughts on the whole situation.  I love Lady Gaga; she’s crazy, kooky and a fantastic … Continue reading

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Kiss Me Kate: Singer Kate Nash’s New Album “My Best Friend is You” is a Feminist Anthem

I am a huge fan of Kate Nash.  I loved the first album from this spunky, outspoken Brit.  She’s the kind of woman you want to grab a beer with and whose closet you want to raid.  Starting out by garnering a devoted following on MySpace, the singer/songwriter’s first album was a unique blend of … Continue reading

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: M.I.A. & Erykah Badu’s Controversial Music Videos

Art continually pushes the boundaries of convention.  In singer & rapper M.I.A.’s new 9-minute video for her song “Born Free,” she showcases explicitly graphic, violent images and nudity.  Scenes show U.S. armed forces barging into houses, brutalizing civilians, raiding and rounding up red-haired adolescent boys.  The boys are driven to the desert.  In one of … Continue reading