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6 Posts Tackling Toxic Beauty Norms, Diets & Body Image for “Healthy Weight Week”

Many women have unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies. The media bombards us with images of thin, photoshopped bodies that transcend reality. We will never attain those unrealistic images we see on TV and in glossy magazines. Models don’t even look like that, every “flaw” airbrushed away. Yet we attack our bodies, often starving … Continue reading

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Appalling New Children’s Book Aimed at Girls Losing Weight Sends Wrong Message

Yesterday, I discovered something horrifying. In October, a children’s book will be released called Maggie Goes on a Diet. Yep, a diet book. For kids. Lovely. We need that like I need a hole in my head. With media swarming around us telling women and girls to be thinner, prettier and sexier, the last thing … Continue reading