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Paid Sick Leave Impacts Women, Women of Color, LGBTQ Families & Domestic Violence Survivors — And Why We Must Pass It Now

When I worked at Harvard, I had phenomenal benefits, including paid sick leave. Outstanding. Stupendous. But when I stopped and thought about it, I realized it was the only job I ever held that did offer paid sick time. Having worked in retail and for small banks, sure I could take time off if I … Continue reading

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‘Doonesbury’s Abortion Series Tackles Bullshit Mandatory Ultrasound Legislation and Faces Censorship

So Monday morning, I woke up to the above Doonesbury comic in my inbox courtesy of the great feminist film site Feminema. I’m thrilled Garry Trudeau tackled the ridiculous and offensive mandatory ultrasound legislation in Texas. In Texas and Virgina, if you get an abortion, you’re “forced to get an ultrasound, view the image and … Continue reading