Anti-Choice and Racist PRENDA Bill Didn’t Pass But It Still Worries Me

So the House just voted on a horrifying bill. HR 3541, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA). Luckily, it didn’t pass. Reproductive justice prevailed! Huzzah!! But I’m going to give you background on it anyway. Now, you might be saying, why are you going to blog about something that didn’t even happen? Because if being a … Continue reading


Fight for Your Right: Choice Undermined by New Legislation

Last night, I did my good deed for the week and volunteered at Chocolate Madness, the annual fundraiser for NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, an organization that lobbies for pro-choice legislation and legislators and advocates for increased access to the full spectrum of reproductive choices.  Chocolate Madness raises awareness for reproductive rights in a fun and delicious … Continue reading