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Reproduction & Abortion Week: ‘Girls’ and ‘Sex and the City’ Both Handle Abortion With Humor

Originally published at Bitch Flicks as part of their “Reproduction and Abortion Series.” Vacillating between vitriolic condemnation and laudable praise, Lena Dunham’s Girls has dominated pop culture dialogue. I eagerly anticipated the series premiere. Yes, the show depicts economically privileged characters. Yes, the incredibly white and homogenous cast should be more diverse. And yes, staff … Continue reading

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Reproduction & Abortion Week: ‘American Horror Story’ Demonizes Abortion and Suffers from the Mystical Pregnancy Trope

Originally published at Bitch Flicks as part of their “Reproduction and Abortion Series.“ ———- Warning: if you have not watched all of American Horror Story Season 1, there are massive spoilers ahead! American Horror Story co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk wanted to create a TV series that truly scared people. And they’ve definitely succeeded … Continue reading


CLPP Reproductive Justice Conference: Sex Positive Feminism

Bonjour!  Live-blogging once again at CLPP’s Reproductive Justice Conference at Hampshire College.  I’m participating in the interactive Sex Positive Feminism 101 workshop organized by staffers from HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive). We kicked things off by confronting stereotypes.  Audience members held signs with words on it; the rest of the audience shouted out clues and … Continue reading