Get Your Veg On: 16th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival!

In the Boston-area and looking for something fun, delicious and free to do? (Yes, I said free!) Then head on over to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival! You all know I’m kind of obsessed with food. That’s why I love attending and checking out new food, restaurants, and products. This tasty yet informative event features … Continue reading

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Meat-Free Monday Recipe: Grown-Up Tomato Sandwiches with Balsamic Dijon Lemon Dressing

Ever since I was a young girl, I loved tomatoes. Actually, that’s an understatement. In fact, I went an entire year eating only tomato soup, green beans and Cheerios. Not kidding. So you might think I’d be sick of them. Nope, I still savor sweet, juicy tomatoes. Biting into those succulent little orbs tastes like … Continue reading

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No Such Thing As Bad Publicity? A Feminist Vegan’s Opinions on PETA’s Latest Porn Stunt

Earlier this week, I found out from Feministe that PETA will launch a porn site. Wait, don’t they do that already what with their marketing campaigns chock full of nude women and scantily clad celebs?? Nope, folks…this time they’re pushing past titillation and doing it for reals. The controversial animal rights group’s XXX site will … Continue reading


What’s Cooking: Veggie Galaxy, a New Boston-Area Veg Diner & Vegan Bakery, Whips Up Delicious Comfort Food

One of the perks of being a blogger is that you often have your finger on the pulse of what’s new…thanks to being consumed with your blog and constantly on social media. Because of my obsession, I discovered that there’ll be a new restaurant in town. A sister restaurant to Veggie Planet, Veggie Galaxy will … Continue reading

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Meat-Free Monday Recipe: Strawberry & Spinach Salad with a Basil Vinaigrette

I’m not much of a salad person.  There I said it.  Probably a strange sentiment uttered from a vegan.  While I love fresh veggies and everything from creamy dressings to light vinaigrettes, I usually find salads underwhelming.  But with the days warming up, the hint of summer right around the corner, I’m in the mood … Continue reading

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World Vegetarian Day Recipe: Quick & Easy Tomato Veggie Soup

I know, I know…you’re all thinking, “What’s The Opinioness doing posting a recipe on a Friday??”  But I wanted to share a recipe with all of you in honor of World Vegetarian Day! October 1st isn’t only World Vegetarian Day, it also kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month.  Cutting out meat just one day a week, … Continue reading