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‘Mad Men’ Week at Bitch Flicks!

I don’t know about you, Mad Men Fans, but I’m not sure I can wait until 2012 for the stellar show’s return! While we ache for Peggy’s feminist badassery, Don’s incessant “What’s?,” Pete Campbell’s douchebaggery and Joan’s all-around awesomeness…you can get your Mad Men fix at Bitch Flicks. Co-founded by the phenomenal duo Amber Leab … Continue reading

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Vida Vegan Con: Story-Making & Food Blogging (There’s a Dragon in My Tempeh Taco…)

Storytelling is an art. Threading seemingly disparate ideas together, weaving in your thoughts and emotions, may seem to come naturally while eluding others. But everyone has a voice yearning to be heard. When you blog, you’re expressing yourself. How do you tell a story compelling people to come back for more? At the Story-Making and … Continue reading

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Vida Vegan Con: Vegan Nutrition

Hi Everyone! Here at the Nutrition Panel for Vida Vegan Con. Whether going vegan for health reasons or dealing with friends and family curious where you get your protein, vegans frequently deal with nutrition. Reading nutrition labels, necessary nutrients, how plant-based diets combat chronic disease, and what “superfoods” you should be eating…the panelists broached all … Continue reading

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Vida Vegan Con: The Accidental Journalist

Hi Everyone! I’m at the Accidental Journalist panel at Vida Vegan Con. When you become a blogger, you might not think of yourself this way but you essentially become a journalist. This panel covered techniques for bloggers on grammar, style, publishing and finding your blog’s identity. All of the speakers, Gabrielle Pope (author, playwright and … Continue reading

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Vida Vegan Con: Live-Blogging Welcome Address

Hi Everyone! I’m live-blogging the Welcome Address of Vida Vegan Con with the Vida Vegan Founders (Janessa Philemon-Kerp, Michele Truty and Jess Scone) and Special Speaker Laura Beck, founding editor of Vegansaurus! and VegNews Editor-at-Large and columnist. Beck, who is super spunky and sassy, welcomed all the vegan bloggers, saying she was excited, “to meet my … Continue reading

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Walking in a Vegan Wonderland: Off to Vida Vegan Con!

Well The Opinioness is off to another conference this weekend. That’s my third this year! Road trip!! This time I’m headed to Portland, Oregon for the 1st ever Vida Vegan Con. Co-founded by fab vegan bloggers Janessa Philemon-Kerp, Michele Truty and Jess Scone, the conference is described as: Uniting vegan bloggers from across the globe!…Workshops, discussion … Continue reading

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No Such Thing As Bad Publicity? A Feminist Vegan’s Opinions on PETA’s Latest Porn Stunt

Earlier this week, I found out from Feministe that PETA will launch a porn site. Wait, don’t they do that already what with their marketing campaigns chock full of nude women and scantily clad celebs?? Nope, folks…this time they’re pushing past titillation and doing it for reals. The controversial animal rights group’s XXX site will … Continue reading

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Appalling New Children’s Book Aimed at Girls Losing Weight Sends Wrong Message

Yesterday, I discovered something horrifying. In October, a children’s book will be released called Maggie Goes on a Diet. Yep, a diet book. For kids. Lovely. We need that like I need a hole in my head. With media swarming around us telling women and girls to be thinner, prettier and sexier, the last thing … Continue reading