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‘Mad Men’ Week at Bitch Flicks!

I don’t know about you, Mad Men Fans, but I’m not sure I can wait until 2012 for the stellar show’s return! While we ache for Peggy’s feminist badassery, Don’s incessant “What’s?,” Pete Campbell’s douchebaggery and Joan’s all-around awesomeness…you can get your Mad Men fix at Bitch Flicks.

Co-founded by the phenomenal duo Amber Leab and Stephanie Rogers (these ladies seriously kick ass!), the fabulously feminist film blog features a Mad Men Week all week-long. Huzzah! Posts will explore themes from the show such as gender roles, sexism, abortion, sexual harassment, rape, women and class, and friendship.

And guess who happens to be a Monthly Guest Contributor at Bitch Flicks?? That’s right, yours truly! So check out my cross-post where The Opinioness ponders and explores the question: Is Mad Men the most feminist show on TV?

Be sure to read all of the articulate and thoughtful posts for Mad Men week.

2 thoughts on “‘Mad Men’ Week at Bitch Flicks!

  1. I’ve never seen the show, but i really like the woman with the red hair.
    I also like the soundtrack, as it was something we played in the store, quite frequently.
    There’s a song on there, that goes, “Most people get married…”
    We changed the lyrics to, “Most people like Mary,” to mess with our co-worker, Mary.

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