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Primary Colors: Voice Your Choice and Rock Your Vote

So I’m a not-so-secret political junky.  Politics is fascinating as it touches our lives on a daily basis.  Primary elections are being held today in Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.  They’re important as they will determine the party candidates for general elections.

At a young age, my mom drilled into my head the importance of voting.  She repeated the mantra that it was our duty as U.S. citizens to exercise our freedom of speech and vote.  It’s a powerful declaration to proclaim your choice.  So I’ve compiled a few links to aid you before you go out to the polls.

If you’re passionate like me about protecting women’s rights and access to reproductive health care, check out:

Planned Parenthood’s Action Center – Voter Guide and Endorsements
NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Election Guide
NARAL State Affiliates – for local election info in your state

If you’re passionate like me about protecting animal rights and curbing animal cruelty, check out:

The Humane Society Legislative Fund’s Political Scorecard
Doris Lin’s list of “Best and Worst Legislators For Animals”

Not sure where to vote? Check out: Vote411.org

Polls are open today until 8pm.  As I always advocate, let your voice be heard…go out and rock your vote!

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