When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie: Happy Vegan Pizza Day!

Alright I’ve got some exciting food news.  Today marks the unofficial (but should totally BE official) holiday the 1st annual Vegan Pizza Day.  C’mon people, this is history in the making!!  Sponsored by Teese Vegan Cheese made by Chicago Soydairy and the L.A.-based vegan blogger Quarrygirl, today is the day to relish in the deliciousness of vegan pizza.  The ultimate comfort food, people might not think that the words tasty and vegan pizza go together but they would be dead wrong!

As I live in Boston, I headed to my absolute fave vegan pizzeria (and one of my top vegan restaurants in Boston), Peace o’ Pie.  Winner of the 2010 CityVoter Boston A-List award for Best Vegan Restaurant, they use the to-die-for, ooey, gooey Daiya cheese. I’ve long sung the praises of this magical creation. I mean it melts and stretches just like dairy-based cheese. What’s not to love?  Peace o’ Pie makes the most scrumptious pizzas, and some damn delectable desserts, I’ve ever tasted. My personal fave flavor to scarf down??  The “Not So Secret Garden,” with robust tomato sauce, chewy crust (reminiscent of soft breadsticks) and loaded with spinach, green peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms…and of course I have to add Portabella mushrooms too since I’m such a mushroom junky.  Some of their other flavors are Neapolitan (with tofu ricotta), Buffalo Chick*n, White Pizza and Hawaiian.  Hungry yet??

Veggie Planet, a 2010 DigThisAwards-winner and another personal fave, in Harvard Square also serves up yummy vegan pizzas. You can order any of their entrees over pizza dough, everything from Caesar salad and Peanut Curry to Portabella mushrooms with romesco sauce.

Don’t live near a restaurant serving vegan pizza?  Don’t fret!  You can whip up your own at home.  Check out this amazing recipe for Vegan Basil Pesto Pizza.

So how are you getting your pizza fix??  Be sure to tell me and post pics!!  You can also follow @VeganPizzaDay on Twitter and tweet your pizza dining experiences using the hashtag #VeganPizzaDay.

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