And Justice For All: Off to CLPP’s Conference “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice”

Well The Opinioness is off to another conference this weekend.  Road trip!!  Yep, headed back to my old stomping grounds of Western Mass for the 3-day Reproductive Justice Conference at Hampshire College.  Sponsored by the Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP) and Population and Development programs, this year’s event, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom,” marks the 30th anniversary of the conference.  Activists, writers, students, professors and leaders will discuss strategies for enacting social change to ensure reproductive justice.

From CLPP’s press release:

“In the face of an emboldened right-wing assault on abortion and reproductive rights, the conference focuses on broadening the fight for reproductive rights and the health of our families by drawing connections between many social justice issues…Over 180 speakers and 70 conference workshops will highlight successful examples of activism and how struggles for reproductive and sexual rights are intricately linked to movements for economic, social and environmental justice and peace.”

With all of the attacks on women’s health and reproductive rights, the GOP has launched an all-out war on women.  I mean the word “uterus” is frakking banned in Florida?! What the hell is happening?!  At this pivotal moment in history, it’s important to arm yourself with information and connect with other feminists so we can return to our communities, ready to take a stand.

I’m so excited that I’m going to re-group with some of my Soapbox Feminist Winter Termers (woo hoo!) and be surrounded by all of these amazing pro-choice activists.  Here are some of the people I’m most excited to see (or see again!):

  • Andrea Miller, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts
  • Anissa Helie, Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML)
  • Emily May, Hollaback!
  • Erin Matson, NOW
  • Jos Truitt, Feministing
  • Loretta J. Ross, SisterSong
  • Michelle Kinsey Bruns (@ClinicEscort on Twitter)
  • Steph Herold (@IAmDrTiller on Twitter), Abortion Gang
  • Stephanie Poggi, National Network of Abortion Funds
  • Tara Ellison, Third Wave Foundation

And here’s a sampling of some of the organizations represented at the conference:

  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  • Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice
  • Center for Reproductive Rights
  • Feminist Majority Foundation
  • National Advocates for Pregnant Women
  • National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
  • RH Reality Check
  • Queers for Economic Justice
  • Tewa Women United
  • The Doula Project
  • Translate Gender

Can’t make it to the conference??  No worries…follow along as I’ll be live-blogging events from the conference all weekend starting Friday evening.  You can read my posts here or follow my #CLPP30 tweets at @OpinionessWorld.  So stay tuned for all kinds of uterus updates!!  KIDDING…maybe…

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