New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) 10th Anniversary Celebration

New York City…here I come! I’m headed to the Big Apple today for the weekend. What does The Opinioness have planned?? Well, tonight I’ll be attending the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) 10th Anniversary. Feminists, fundraising for abortion AND wine?? C’mon, you know I couldn’t miss that!

NYAAF assists women in financial need obtain abortions. Not only do they help local New Yorkers, they also aid others who travel to NY for procedures who may have abortion restrictions or may not even have any abortion providers in their home state. Fabulous NYAAF board members, Steph Herold and Eesha Pandit, write why New York needs an abortion fund:

“Since 2001, the NYAAF has helped 764 women from 25 states…In fact, the need for abortion funding is so great that over 100 grassroots abortion funds exist across the country, all members of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF).

“Many people wonder why New York State, where women can get public health insurance coverage for abortion services, needs an abortion fund. Abortion is prohibitively expensive for many women with the average cost ranging from about $500 at 10 weeks, to over $1,300 at 20 weeks gestation. Even in New York and the 16 other states that provide Medicaid coverage for abortion, thousands of low-income women fall between the cracks. Many women may be too poor to pay for abortion procedures, but they are uninsured or not poor enough to obtain public health insurance coverage like Medicaid.”

No one should ever be turned away from having a medical procedure (and yes, abortion is a medical procedure) just because they can’t pay.

If you’re in NYC, click here to purchase tickets or make a donation.

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