Adorbs Animals: Dolphins Swimming!

As I wrote last week, I’m going to post a weekly animal pic or video. So I thought for this week, I’d share with you all the stunning photos of dolphins (btw…the dolphins are stunning…not my photography skills) on my trip to Sanibel Island, Florida.

We took a boat ride called Thriller (yes, even accompanied by the sweet dulcet sounds of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) and saw an assload of dolphins!!!

Since dolphins are really playful, they merrily swim, leap, bellyflop (basically show off!) in the current caused by the boat. The tour guide said that if the boat doesn’t go in the direction they want it to, they get bored and swim away. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! They were SO close and looked like they were having so much fun.

If you like dolphins as much as I do…enjoy!

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