Why We Need to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, Not Columbus Day

The Opinioness

Most people in the U.S. think of today as Columbus Day. But I refuse to celebrate this asshole. A shitty explorer (who refused to admit that he wasn’t even in Asia), Columbus kidnapped, colonized, maimed and committed genocide to the Indigenous peoples here. Oh yeah, that really sounds like someone we should honor with their own holiday. Yet history books and monuments perpetually pay homage to this barbaric douchebag.

Eesha Pandit at Crunk Feminist Collective (if you’re not reading this site, you seriously need to) declares:

“I am taking the day to mark and recognize the legacy of violence that he fomented. America is not a land founded on freedom and exploration – it is founded on the genocide of Native and First Nations people.”

She goes on to write about a conference she attended where Two Spirit Indigenous hip-hop feminist and reproductive justice activist Jessica Yee, Founder and…

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