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2013 Athena Film Festival: Films on Women & Leadership

Athena Film Fest poster

Excerpts of this post originally published at Bitch Flicks.

I’m super excited by the 3rd annual Athena Film Festival! I’ve attended each year (you know The Opinioness loves feminist films!) watching fearless and inspirational women on-screen and listening to brave and bold filmmakers. The festival features narrative films, documentaries, short films along with panels and workshops for filmmakers — all focusing on women’s leadership. Co-founded by Melissa Silverstein and Kathryn Kolbert, the festival runs from February 7-10 in New York City at Barnard College.

Kathryn Kolbert, Athena Film Festival Co-Founder and the Constance Hess Williams Director of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College, said:

“We are proud to announce such a robust lineup for this year’s Festival. The variety of films and filmmakers at the festival this year exemplifies the increasing presence of female leaders in the industry.”
Melissa Silverstein, Athena Film Festival Co-Founder and Artistic Director and head of Women and Hollywood, said:
“The balanced mix of films represents the breadth and depth of the Festival’s mission. Each year we strive to select films that inspire filmmakers and industry members. This year’s slate is our strongest yet and continues to convey this focus.”

So which films am I most looking forward to see?? WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines (documentary on depictions of powerful women in film and pop culture),  Birth Story (documentary about midwives on a 70s commune), Future Weather (film about a teenaged girl raised by her functioning alcoholic grandmother), Inocente (Oscar-nominated documentary about a 15-year-old homeless, undocumented immigrant aspiring to be an artist), The Girl (film about a single mother smuggles undocumented immigrants over the Texas border) and Women Aren’t Funny (documentary about women in comedy). Athena Film Fest will also be showing (which I’ve seen) Brave, Middle of Nowhere and Beasts of the Southern Wild — all outstanding and powerful films.

With only 5% of women directing films, female writers comprising 24% of all writers in Hollywood and women in only 33% of speaking roles in films, women’s experiences and perspectives are often missing. Women don’t just sit on the sidelines. They lead, advocate and inspire. The films featured at the Athena Film Fest celebrate women’s diverse lives yet their common goal to catalyze change.

Purchase tickets and passes here. | See line-up of narrative films, documentaries, short films and panels here.

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