Defend Abortion Rights Rally in Boston TONIGHT at 6pm

Massachusetts State House by Coralie Mercier ("koalie") via Flickr

There’s been a horrific onslaught happening on reproductive rights in the past couple weeks. And the past year. And the past couple of years. In Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and other states, anti-abortion legislation has recently been proposed and passed. As a result, we’ve witnessed awesome resistance — such as Wendy Davis’ outstanding and inspiring filibuster and the swift mobilization both online and in-person of the “feminist army” — and the utterly ridiculous — like confiscating tampons at hearings (no joke).

Even here in supposed liberal Massachusetts, there’s a proposed anti-choice bill — bill H.1565 “Laura’s Law” or “Woman’s Right to Know Act.”– as well as a court’s decision to reconsider existing buffer zone laws at abortion clinics. But one thing is clear — the attacks are intensifying and spreading. So our resistance must intensify and spread.

It’s time. Time to mobilize. Time to speak out. Time to stand together.

In honor of the National Day of Action to Defend Abortion Rights, there will be a rally tonight (7/15) at 6pm in Boston at the State House. Here’s the information from the event’s Facebook page:

“We won’t go back! Anti-choice politicians are robbing women, girls, and LGBTQIA people across the country of basic health care rights. We are losing access to safe abortions, STD and HIV testing, cancer screenings, and more!

We are fighting well-funded battles against choice in Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Ohio while in California, the racist forced sterilization of incarcerated women continues. This is abhorrent and it needs to be stopped.

What is happening in these states is laying the groundwork for a national assault on abortion rights across the country. Massachusetts legislature has proposed a bill to further restrict abortion access here in Massachusetts.

While abortion rights are being eradicated across the country, we are also watching the one of the biggest erosion of our civil rights that has happened in recent history. SCOTUS has reversed the VRA and we have seen immediate action to restrict the voting rights of people of color, poor folks and GLBTQIA people. This is a tactic to disempower the people from fighting back against oppressive legislation. We cannot fight for abortion without fighting for collective liberation of all.

Join us for a rally and speak out at 6 PM at the State House. Come and share you stories and rage. Signs, banners and materials are all welcome.”

If you can make it, hope to see you there. Let’s stand together.

Image by Coralie Mercier via Flickr and the Creative Commons License


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