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#KeepItReal Victory! Seventeen Magazine Pledges Not to Digitally Alter Girls’ Images

In the magazine publishing world, it’s been said “airbrushing images is an industry standard.” But it doesn’t have to be. Seventeen Magazine has agreed not to digitally alter images of young female models and celebs. And its all thanks to the #KeepItReal Challenge and one passionate teen activist. Continue reading

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Actor Ashley Judd Takes On Bodysnarking Media

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. After media speculation over her allegedly “puffy face” caused a “viral media frenzy,” actor Ashley Judd decided to speak out against the media’s misogynistic accusations. Beyond her career as an actor, Judd is a humanitarian and philanthropist, a global ambassador for YouthAIDS and a Harvard graduate. The feminist activist — … Continue reading

How I Came to Embrace My Looks and Eventually Love My Body
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How I Came to Embrace My Looks and Eventually Love My Body

During my childhood, my mother and grandmother constantly dieted. Both women continuously struggled to either lose or maintain their “ideal” weight. Having a thin build, I never thought much about my own weight. I biked around my neighborhood every day and ate lots of fruits and vegetables. I was happy with my body. But just … Continue reading