‘Our Hen House’ Contest: Why It’s Unethical to Eat Meat

Why is it unethical to eat meat? That’s the question posed by Our Hen House, one of my fave vegan animal rights blogs. Run by fabulous vegan lesbian feminists Jasmin Singer (I heard her speak at Vida Vegan Con…she’s seriously amazeballs!) and Mariann Sullivan, they’re sponsoring a contest: “Calling All Herbivores: Tell Us Why It’s … Continue reading

Feminism / Veganism

6 Posts Tackling Toxic Beauty Norms, Diets & Body Image for “Healthy Weight Week”

Many women have unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies. The media bombards us with images of thin, photoshopped bodies that transcend reality. We will never attain those unrealistic images we see on TV and in glossy magazines. Models don’t even look like that, every “flaw” airbrushed away. Yet we attack our bodies, often starving … Continue reading

Feminism / Veganism

Guest Post: Loving Animals, Loving Myself: How Veganism is Changing My Self-Image

Written by Erin Plante. Originally published at Eat Plants and Run. Reprinted with permission. Sleepovers with my step-sister B. were the best.  When she came over, the whole house and yard became full of imagination and play.  The living room turned into a swamp full of alligators, as we scrambled from couch to loveseat or … Continue reading