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‘Lola Versus’ Not Your Average Romantic Comedy: Bad Love Life Decisions, Finding Happiness…and One of the Best Film Endings Ever

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. Romantic comedies usually make me want to gouge my eyes out. Now, that doesn’t mean I hate them all. Some of my favorite films are rom-coms. But every now and again, one comes along that entertains rather than enrages me. Following in the footsteps of female-fronted comedies Bridesmaids, Young Adult … Continue reading

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Reproduction & Abortion Week: ‘Girls’ and ‘Sex and the City’ Both Handle Abortion With Humor

Originally published at Bitch Flicks as part of their “Reproduction and Abortion Series.” Vacillating between vitriolic condemnation and laudable praise, Lena Dunham’s Girls has dominated pop culture dialogue. I eagerly anticipated the series premiere. Yes, the show depicts economically privileged characters. Yes, the incredibly white and homogenous cast should be more diverse. And yes, staff … Continue reading

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‘Best Friends Forever’ TV Series Focuses on Two Female Friends, Which Must Infuriate Sexist ‘Two and a Half Men’ Creator

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. “Hey, you always have a choice when it comes to your vagina.” So says Lennon on NBC’s new sitcom that premiered last night, Best Friends Forever. And yes, you do have a choice, when it comes to vaginas and other things. So should you choose to watch the new female-fronted … Continue reading

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Lena Dunham’s HBO Series ‘Girls’ Preview: Why I Can’t Wait to Watch

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am to see Lena Dunham’s new HBO series Girls. I mean, April 15th…hurry up and get here already damnit! After the first 3 episodes received rave reviews at SXSW, the buzz swirling around the indie darling’s new show has grown even louder. And … Continue reading

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‘Friends with Kids’ Preview: Leading a Stellar Cast, Writer/Director Jennifer Westfeldt Depicts an Unconventional Path to Parenthood

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. I’ve been excited to see Friends with Kids since last year when I heard it would reunite Bridesmaids castmates Kristen Wiig (omg do I love, love, LOVE her in Bridesmaids and on SNL!), Maya Rudolph (adore her in Away We Go and Up All Night), Chris O’Dowd (adorbs in Bridesmaids) … Continue reading


Sexism and the City: VS Naipaul’s Offensive Comments on Gender & Female Writers

Oh yay…another sexism watch alert.  Nobel Laureate for Literature winner and royal asshat VS Naipaul said in an interview last week at the Royal Geographic Society that he didn’t consider any female writer his literary equal. Wow.  In particular, he criticized Jane Austen (what did she ever do to him?!), saying he: “couldn’t possibly share … Continue reading