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Actor Ashley Judd Takes On Bodysnarking Media

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. After media speculation over her allegedly “puffy face” caused a “viral media frenzy,” actor Ashley Judd decided to speak out against the media’s misogynistic accusations. Beyond her career as an actor, Judd is a humanitarian and philanthropist, a global ambassador for YouthAIDS and a Harvard graduate. The feminist activist — … Continue reading

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The Feminist / Sexist See-Saw Ride of the 2011 Emmys

Cross-posted at Fem2pt0. Some assert women fare better on television than in films; more complex roles, feminist issues explored. With some feminist series receiving nominations – Parks & Rec, Mad Men, The Killing, Friday Night Lights, The Good Wife – I hoped the Emmys awards show might reflect its nominees. Well, it did…and didn’t. The … Continue reading

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Best Picture Nominee Review Series for Bitch Flicks: ‘The Reader’

Originally published at Bitch Flicks as part of their “Best Picture Nominee Review Series.” When we read books or watch movies, we often do so to feel inspired, educate ourselves or escape our daily lives. We frequently look for stories filled with passion, love, sacrifice, revenge, wit and camaraderie.  We don’t usually examine how shame … Continue reading