I Want the World to Know, I’ve Got to Let It Show: Happy National Coming Out Day!

Today is National Coming Out Day, an international day to celebrate the LGBTQ community coming out about their sexual orientation and gender identity. It’s about proudly embracing and declaring your identity to your family and friends. It’s a day of acceptance to honor the bravery it takes to come out. Founded by Rob Eichberg and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Straight Girl on Girl: How Fetishizing Woman on Woman for Men Objectifies Women & Trivializes Lesbians

Written by Seren Pendleton-Knoll. Originally published at Bright Light Thinking. Re-printed with permission. A few days ago, NBC’s show “Community” posted a picture on their Facebook fanpage of their two female leads being featured in GQ. An incredibly sexy photo, it features the girls engaging in S&M like activity while clad in lingerie. Within hours … Continue reading