Why You Should Vote for Pro-Choice Massachusetts Senate Candidate Ed Markey TODAY
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Why You Should Vote for Pro-Choice Massachusetts Senate Candidate Ed Markey TODAY

With all the attacks on abortion access happening right now in Texas, North Dakota, Ohio and nationwide, it’s vital to have a reproductive rights advocate in the Senate. Vote for Ed Markey TODAY. Vote for someone who has a proven track record advocating for reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, equal pay for women, and environment protection. Continue reading


Paid Sick Leave Impacts Women, Women of Color, LGBTQ Families & Domestic Violence Survivors — And Why We Must Pass It Now

When I worked at Harvard, I had phenomenal benefits, including paid sick leave. Outstanding. Stupendous. But when I stopped and thought about it, I realized it was the only job I ever held that did offer paid sick time. Having worked in retail and for small banks, sure I could take time off if I … Continue reading

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“I’m Not Running, I’m Choosing”: ‘Pariah’ and Gender Performance

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. Warning: spoilers ahead!! “Who do you become if you can’t be yourself?” Pariah, my absolute favorite film of 2011, tackles that question. Written and directed by Dee Rees and produced by Nekisa Cooper, the powerful, award-winning Pariah tells the story of Alike (Adepero Oduye in an astounding performance), a 17-year-old … Continue reading

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“All the Pieces Matter”: LGBTQ Characters of Color on ‘The Wire’

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. The Wire is the greatest TV series of all time. Period. Now, I know I’m not really making some bold claim as many, many, many, many critics have professed their unabashed love for the crime drama. No other show has painstakingly depicted the complexities of racism, the inner city and … Continue reading


Infographic on LGBTQ Rights & Laws By State Simultaneously Fascinating and Horrifying

I stumbled upon this intriguing infographic on Sociological Images originating at The Guardian. It details LGBTQ rights in the U.S. by region and state. If you visit The Guardian (and you definitely should), the graphic is interactive, allowing you to hover over each state for more stats and info. I’m delighted that more and more … Continue reading


CLPP Reproductive Justice Conference: Speaking Out for Reproductive Freedom Opening Plenary

So on Saturday at 9am, I was ready to kick off my weekend of badass repro and social justice at the CLPP From Abortion Rights to Social Justice Conference!!! In the Opening Plenary, speakers shared their experiences, struggles, activism and passions. Tk karakshian tunchez, Denise Larocque and Mariposa and the a capella group Crazy Pitches, … Continue reading