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Why You Should Vote for Pro-Choice Ed Markey for Massachusetts Senate

Ed Markey for MA Senate | image by pomsandpolitics (http://www.flickr.com/photos/58843132@N00/8501838596/)

You all know how I feel about politics and voting. Your voice can’t be heard if you don’t vote.

That’s why I hope if you live in my homestate of Massachusetts, you’ll get out there vote for Ed Markey for Senate. Today’s special election is being held to fill John Kerry’s vacant Senate seat.

Special elections are crucial than highly publicized national elections because they yield lower voter turnout. Local politics often bears a greater impact on our daily lives.

Here’s how Ed Markey — pro-choice, pro-equal pay, pro-LGBTQ rights, pro-environmental justice — stands on the issues:

Reproductive Rights

  1. “Ed Markey voted in support of the historic women’s health advancements in the Affordable Care Act and opposes attacks on access to safe and legal abortion.” (via Planned Parenthood email)
  2. “Ed Markey has stood up to anti-choice leaders in Congress who want to restrict a woman’s right to make private medical decisions about her health and her body.” (via NARAL Pro-Choice America email)
  3. “In Congress, Stephen Lynch has repeatedly voted against women’s right to choose, including voting for an amendment to Obamacare that would restrict women’s access to abortion.” (via NARAL Pro-Choice America email)
  4. “In Congress, Stephen Lynch has repeatedly voted to deny women in the military — who defend our freedom overseas — the right to use their own, private funds for abortion care at military hospitals.” (via NARAL Pro-Choice America email)
  5. Ed Markey “is a vocal advocate for a woman’s right to choose…He will stand up to extremists in Congress who attempt to overturn Roe vs. Wade…He will fight in the Senate to ensure women have access to these vital services and protect groups like Planned Parenthood from Republican attacks.” (via Ed Markey’s website)

Equal Pay

  1. Ed Markey “co-sponsored the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and supports the Paycheck Fairness Act because women deserve to earn the same wages as men. Ed will fight in the Senate to end workplace discrimination and eliminate the gender pay gap.” (via Ed Markey website)

LGBTQ Rights

  1. “Ed Markey voted against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which discriminates against same-sex couples and denies them federal benefits.” (via Ed Markey’s website)
  2. “He co-sponsored the Respect for Marriage Act that would repeal DOMA and require the federal government to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages.” (via Ed Markey’s website)
  3. He “co-sponsored 6 bills to ban employment discrimination, legislation to change the tax code to allow domestic partners to qualify for employer-provided insurance, and supported legislation to provide spousal health care, retirement and other benefits to all federal employees in same-sex domestic partnerships.” (via Ed Markey’s website)
  4. He “co-sponsored legislation to provide same-sex partners of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents the same immigration benefits” of straight married couples. (via Ed Markey’s website)

Environment and Climate Change

  1. “Ed Markey co-wrote the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which would reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and would help create millions of clean energy jobs. It is the only climate change legislation to ever pass either the House or the Senate.” (via Ed Markey’s website)
  2. He “pushes legislation to repeal the $7 billion each year in tax and free-drilling subsidies given to the oil and gas industry.” (via Ed Markey’s website)
  3. He’s worked on fuel economy of vehicles to cut fuel consumption

The polls close by 8pm TONIGHT. We need more pro-choice allies, more LGBTQ allies and more environmental allies in the Senate. Vote for Ed Markey to join Elizabeth Warren in the Senate. Get out there and make your voice heard!

Image by pomsandpolitics via Flickr and the Creative Commons License

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