CLPP Reproductive Justice Conference: Written on the Body – Body Politics and the Media

So I’ve been SO overwhelmed by all of the awesomeness at CLPP’s Reproductive Justice Conference.  There are a ton of workshops happening simultaneously that I wish I could go to.  So I skipped out early on the Abortion Access in the U.S. workshop (my last post) and headed over to the workshop on Written on … Continue reading

Feminism / TV

A History of Violence: Why We Don’t Care About Charlie Sheen’s Violent Treatment of Women

TigerBlood. Winning. Warlock edict.  These words, derived from Charlie Sheen’s frenetic rants have seeped into our lexicon.  He even has a new tour (WTF?!) entitled (wait for it) “Violent Torpedo of Truth,” which set a new record selling out in 18 minutes.  He also set a record on Twitter for getting 1 million followers in … Continue reading


Her Girl Friday: Media Panel with Jodi Kantor, Ariel Levy & Latoya Peterson at Soapbox Feminist Winter Term – Day 2

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you all my feminist escapades in NYC participating in Soapbox Feminist Winter Term.  Blame it on the bullshit anti-choice legislation, wine drinking and the Oscars.  But I want you to get a sense of what this life-changing week encompassed.  So let’s pick up where we left … Continue reading