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Meat-Free Monday Recipe: Top 10 Vegan Recipe Blog Posts of 2010 at ‘Opinioness of the World’

As it’s a new year (um where the hell did 2010 go, people??), I wanted to share a new recipe with all of you.  Especially since I received some amazing cookbooks as Christmas presents.  But as I’m off in NYC at a fab feminist conference this week, I don’t have access to my culinary arsenal.  But don’t worry, The Opinioness will be back in the kitchen next week.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share the top 10 recipe posts of 2010 at “The Opinioness of the World.”

So which dishes made it to the coveted top 10??  A variety of appetizers and entrees from rock star chefs like Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Bryant Terry, Maggie Pleskac and Terry Hope Romero, one from blogger Fiona Morgan and two recipes created by yours truly!  Hopefully these inspire you to get in touch with your inner foodie and get cooking…bon appetit!

1. Mushroom Stroganoff

2. Vegan Hors D’Oeuvres (Black-Eyed Pea Fritters, Mushroom Poppers, Bruschetta)

3. Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup

4. Yellow Curry with Butternut Squash, Chickpeas and Spinach

5. Pumpkin Ravioli with Pine Nut Cream Sauce

6. Vegan Gyoza (Japanese Dumplings)

7. Mini Eggplant Roulades

8. Vegan Basil Pesto Pizza

9. Tomato and Black Bean Empanadas with Chimichurri Sauce

10. Butternut Squash Risotto

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