The Best Video You’ll Ever Watch on Marriage Equality

Have you watched the video yet?? If not, do it now. Go on, I’ll wait. Okay, now wasn’t that beautiful?? I cry every time I see it.

A relationship unfolds. The beauty of this video is that you, the viewer, see the perspective through the eyes of the other half of the couple. From frolicking at the beach and eating popcorn while watching a movie to grocery shopping, meeting the parents and supporting your partner through their mother’s illness. The video conveys the exhilarating, tender and bittersweet moments of a loving relationship. It’s a beautiful love story. That just happens to be between two men.

Created by Get Up! Action for Australia, a grass-roots community advocacy organization, the video belongs to a campaign to petition for marriage equality. The Labor Party in Australia is expected to adopt marriage equality as part of its platform. Perhaps in response to bullshit like MP (Member of Parliament) Bob Katter, who said:

“Truly this proposition [same-sex marriage] deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed. It doesn’t serve any serious treatment.”

What a swell guy.

Of course here in the U.S., some politicians are no better. 86 House Republicans wanted the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to go further. Almost all of the GOP presidential candidates, except for Gary Johnson, oppose marriage equality. Mitt Romney thinks both marriage and the ideal child-rearing scenario should be “between one man and one woman.” Michele Bachmann told students that gay people can get married…just to people of the opposite sex, not each other. Oh, why didn’t all the gays and lesbians just think of that! Ugh.

Marriage equality isn’t going to destroy the institution of marriage or herald the apocalypse. Trust me.

Our hetereonormative society sets the norm for love, sex and marriage transpiring between a man and a woman. But gender shouldn’t determine who you date, have sex with or marry. Love is love. If two people love each other and want to commit to one another, they should have every right to do so. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s two men or two women.

As the video states…it’s time. Time to end discrimination. Time for equality.

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