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Exciting News!! The Opinioness Is Now a Contributor for the Feminist Film Blog ‘Bitch Flicks!’

I am so excited to announce that Bitch Flicks has kindly invited me, The Opinioness, to become a Contributor!!

I’m an obsessive film buff and a long-time Bitch Flicks fan. I constantly watch movies and TV series, analyzing feminist themes, gender roles, sexism and the portrayal of women. For the past 2 years, I’ve written and cross-posted film and television reviews for the fabulous feminist media site, fusing my passion for media, gender and writing.

Some of my previous posts for Bitch Flicks include The Kids Are All Right, Young Adult, the original Swedish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, !Women Art Revolution, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and the PBS series Women, War, and Peace.

Becoming a part of the Bitch Flicks team is a tremendous honor and a dream come true for me. I’m incredibly grateful to the amazing duo, Bitch Flicks Co-Founders Amber Leab and Stephanie Rogers, for all their support. So be sure to check out The Opinioness’ opinionated film reviews and articles!

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