Just The Way You Are: ‘I Will Not Diet’ Tosses Out New Year’s Resolutions to Focus on Accomplishments, Not Failures

Society views New Year’s as a time to start fresh. A clean slate. Many of us write resolutions. We tally laundry lists of improvements – weight we need to lose, healthy foods we must eat, money we shouldn’t spend – flagellating ourselves for our past mistakes. But what if we stopped focusing on our shortcomings and tossed out those resolutions? That’s precisely the idea Molly McCaffrey, blogger at I Will Not Diet, had in mind.

McCaffrey says we should commemorate the goals we attained rather than berate ourselves for what we need to change. So she asked readers to send her their “non-resolutions:” the 5 accomplishments they were proudest of this past year. And The Opinioness is one of the featured participants!

People wrote inspirational non-resolutions about spending time with friends and family, reading books, volunteering, getting new jobs, earning good grades, cleaning apartments, moving to new cities, and embracing their physiques.

New Year’s resolutions often revolve around weight loss, conjuring strategies to shed pounds and alter our bodies. Why must we forever change our appearance in order to strive for society’s unattainable standards? I’m all for self-improvement. But we spend so much time worrying about who we’re not, we forget to focus on who we are and what we did achieve. As one participant, Skylar Baker Jordan, wrote:

“Say what you will, but if 2011 has proven anything, it’s that I’m resilient. And when you’re resilient, you don’t need resolutions. You’re too bad ass to care.”

Love that. I’d like to think I’m bad-ass enough to eventually silence my inner voice harping on what I didn’t do right. So let’s celebrate our triumphs, not our failures.

One thought on “Just The Way You Are: ‘I Will Not Diet’ Tosses Out New Year’s Resolutions to Focus on Accomplishments, Not Failures

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Megan. Resolutions–just like diets–aren’t healthy for us because they focus on the negative rather than the positive. I hope all of your readers get this and give the boot to both resolutions and dieting.

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