Body Positivity, Fat Acceptance and Food Justice
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Body Positivity, Fat Acceptance and Food Justice

Check out this interview I gave on the intersections between the fat acceptance/liberation and food justice movements. Continue reading

The Opinioness Talks Feminism and Veganism in ‘Ms. Magazine’ Interview!
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The Opinioness Talks Feminism and Veganism in ‘Ms. Magazine’ Interview!

Exciting news!! The awesome Avital Norman Nathman interviewed me for Ms. Magazine’s blog in an article”The Femisphere: Foodies and Food Politics,” profiling feminist food bloggers. Huzzah!! Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Actor/Director Sarah Polley on Women’s Bodies in Film

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. In an interview with NPR’s All Things Considered, director and actor Sarah Polley spoke about her new film Take This Waltz. She also discussed how we need more female directors and the unique perspective they can bestow on female characters. One of our awesome readers, Her Film’s Kyna Morgan, alerted … Continue reading


Guess Who The Washington Post’s Express Quoted Regarding Body-Shaming and Seventeen Magazine Photoshopping??

Omg The Washington Post‘s Express quoted me!! AND more importantly, next to a photo of Tina Fey. Swoon! Here’s my quote on teen feminist Julia Bluhm, Seventeen Magazine photoshopping kerfuffle, and the #KeepItReal victory: “We’re teaching girls and women to forever wage war against their bodies. It’s time to call a cease fire. Thankfully, that’s … Continue reading

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Scarlett Johansson Tired of Sexist Diet Questions

Originally published at Bitch Flicks and cross-posted at Women and Hollywood. Wow, who knew I could love Scarlett Johansson so much?? At The Avengers press conference in London, a reporter proceeded to ask Robert Downey Jr. an in-depth, thought-provoking question about his character (Tony Stark/Iron Man) and then asked Johansson about her diet. I shit … Continue reading