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The Opinioness Talks Feminism and Veganism in ‘Ms. Magazine’ Interview!

Exciting news!! The awesome Avital Norman Nathman interviewed me for Ms. Magazine‘s blog in an article “The Femisphere: Foodies and Food Politics,” profiling feminist food bloggers. Huzzah!!

I’m interviewed along with Dr. Amie “Breeze” Harper of Sistah Vegan (a blog on veganism, black feminism, colonialism and racial justice) and Addie Broyles of The Feminist Kitchen (a blog on food, cooking, gender roles and feminism)!! I adore both of them, as you might tell since they are both on my blogroll 🙂

I’m so honored to be a part of this crucial discussion on feminism and food. AND in an iconic feminist publication’s blog that I’ve read for years! I discuss the intersection of feminism and veganism, animal rights, sexism in food advertising, body image, fat-shaming, and food justice. Avital asked us:

  1. Why did you begin writing about food from a feminist perspective?
  2. How does your feminist identity influence the way you think about food/food politics?
  3. Why should people consider food a feminist issue?
  4. Food sustains us in a critical way nutritionally, but there’s something to be said for how it sustains and connects us on a social level. With that in mind, what role does food play in your daily life?
  5. Favorite meal and favorite food memory

So I hope you check it out!! Here’s an excerpt:

“As a feminist vegan, my feminist identity and my views on food are irrevocably intertwined. I’ve always been a feminist, although I didn’t know it and didn’t call myself one for many years. But it was my path to veganism and my passion for animal rights that actually informed my identity to advocate for gender equity and combat patriarchy. A connection exists between the objectification and oppression of women and animals. Both women’s and animals’ bodies are commodified for consumption and profit. Sexism and misogyny are inextricably linked to our industrialization of farming and our cruel treatment of animals…

“While women and animals have undoubtedly different struggles, it’s this same mentality of desensitized objectification that perpetuates the oppression of both.

“…Food justice is a feminist issue and an integral aspect of social justice. We all deserve access to food — clean, fresh, organic, healthy, sustainable and delicious.

“…Food plays a critical role in my daily life. As a vegan, it informs my every decision about what I eat. By uniting food with activism, I align my beliefs with action. What I eat shapes my identity. I love food and find liberation in cooking…In our society that polices women’s bodies and consumption, my sensual enjoyment of food sometimes feels like a revolutionary act.”

There’s also a great list of other feminist vegan and feminist food blogs including Afro Vegan Chick, Carol J. Adams, Connect The Dots Movement, I Will Not Diet, One Green Planet, Our Hen House, Queer Vegan Food, and Vegans of Color.

A huge and heartfelt thanks to Avital and Ms. Magazine!! You rock!

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