The Seed: A Vegan Experience in NYC

Well I’ve hit the road again and I’m back in NYC! This time I’m here to attend The Seed: A Vegan Experience happening TODAY (Saturday, 6/16) and TOMORROW (Sunday, 6/17)! What is The Seed you ask?? Well it’s “two full days of vegan immersion.” In other words, a vegan bonanza, an extravaganza, a…you get the … Continue reading

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No Such Thing As Bad Publicity? A Feminist Vegan’s Opinions on PETA’s Latest Porn Stunt

Earlier this week, I found out from Feministe that PETA will launch a porn site. Wait, don’t they do that already what with their marketing campaigns chock full of nude women and scantily clad celebs?? Nope, folks…this time they’re pushing past titillation and doing it for reals. The controversial animal rights group’s XXX site will … Continue reading


The Devil Wears Fur (and Prada): Documentary ‘Skin Trade’ Exposes the Truth about Fur in the Fashion Industry

The exquisite Chanel jackets…the lush Prada bags…the sexy Jimmy Choo shoes…I love watching the movie The Devil Wears Prada; getting lost in the eye candy whirlwind of NYC and high fashion.  Like many people, flipping through the glossy pages of fashion magazines excites yet soothes me; it’s escapist fun.  But I also know that there’s … Continue reading