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Guest Post: Empowering Women Through Veganism

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On International Women’s Day, I read a blog post, “Empowering Women through Veganism,” from one of my new favorite sites, Your Daily Vegan. What’s great about this article is that writer Amanda Crow looks at the intersection of feminism and veganism — global hunger, women and poverty, nutrition, and how animal rights and women’s rights both impact each other towards making a better world. So without further adieu, here’s an excerpt.

The plight of women seems overwhelming with the rampant abuse, exploitation, and domination of females on an international scale. As individuals, the problems and solutions of something so widespread as global hunger feel much too big for us to make a difference on our own. Increasing meat demand and high animal consumption are the primary reasons for such a skewed distribution of resources around the world. As consumers with lots of choices, how we spend our money affects the demand of any product. Think about how many times a day you sit down to eat. Every single ones of those times, day in and day out, is an opportunity to not support a system that is increasing global hunger and disempowering women. Veganism is a direct way every single person can actually make a difference to women all around the world.

Read the full article on Your Daily Vegan!

Image by Farming Matters via Flickr and the Creative Commons License.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Empowering Women Through Veganism

    • My pleasure, that was a great post! And timely too as I tweeted yesterday “circuses are not fun for animals, they’re torture chambers” regarding an ad for Big Apple Circus and they responded saying they’re kind to their animals. Bleh. They would be more kind to animals if they didn’t use any animals at all.

      I have a copy of Defiant Daughters that I’m going to be reviewing for my blog too!! Would love to hear your thoughts on the book once you’re finished.

      And thanks for following my blog 🙂

      • I agree, the Big Apple Circus may be “kind” to their animals in comparison to Ringling, but I don’t consider it kind to keep animals locked up out of their natural habitat. Yes, I’ll let you know what I think about Defiant Daughters and I look forward to your post about it! Glad we connected!

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