Guess Who The Washington Post’s Express Quoted Regarding Body-Shaming and Seventeen Magazine Photoshopping??

Omg The Washington Post‘s Express quoted me!! AND more importantly, next to a photo of Tina Fey. Swoon!

Here’s my quote on teen feminist Julia Bluhm, Seventeen Magazine photoshopping kerfuffle, and the #KeepItReal victory:

“We’re teaching girls and women to forever wage war against their bodies. It’s time to call a cease fire. Thankfully, that’s happening one amazing teen activist, one tweet, one petition at a time.”

Photoshopped images in magazines erode girls’ and women’s body image and self-esteem. Which is why we need to keep speaking out and demand unaltered images.

P.S. Yes, that is a picture of a mouse playing a guitar. It’s Chuck E. Cheese, who looks like he’s daydreaming about Tracy Morgan. So yeah, there’s that.


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