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Activist Nicole Clark Features The Opinioness in Her Ally Alert Series!

Hey fabulous readers! The Opinioness (that’s me!) is featured in her very first interview!!

Social worker, consultant and activist Nicole Clark asked me to participate in her Ally Alert series, which “highlights organizations, people, and campaigns who stand with women and girls of color, particularly around sexual/reproductive health, social justice, and overall wellness.” I’m so honored to be featured in this phenomenal series!

Here’s what the fabulous reproductive justice activist and Opinioness of the World guest blogger (This is the Movement of Our Generation: SisterSong “Let’s Talk About Sex” Conference and Street Harassment Stops When Men Say It Stops) had to say about yours truly:

“I have been following Megan on Twitter at @OpinionessWorld for a while now, and she definitely is filled with incredible insights, musings, and rants. Her devotion to reproductive justice, equality, and living a cruelty-free life is very inspiring. Also, one of the main reasons I wanted to interview Megan is to ask her about how she combines her analysis of the exploitation of women to the exploitation of animals. Read more about Megan’s analysis as well as how she navigates her role as an ally to women and girls of color.”

Awww….Nicole Clark made me blush! Prompted by her insightful questions, I talk about the importance of being an ally to women and girls of color as well how I became a writer, the intersection of gender equity and living cruelty-free, and my feminist vegan identity.

So check out the Ally Alert interview!

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