Feminism / Veganism

My 2-Year Blogiversary!!

You know when you’re going about your business…doot da doot. When all of a sudden…you realize you missed something. Something huge. Well two weeks ago, I missed my 2-year blogiversary!! Um, that’s 2 years of feminist vegan awesomeness!

I started this blog because I had a lot of opinions. (Seriously, you don’t even know the half of what transpires in my brain!) Numerous articulate, passionate, funny, thought-provoking feminist and vegan blogs and sites could be found in the blogosphere. But hardly any existed that were both feminist AND vegan. So I launched The Opinioness of the World to share my thoughts, advocate for change, and spark dialogue on gender equality and living cruelty-free.

For 2 years I’ve been raving about delectable vegan cuisine, gushing about feminist film and TV, denouncing sexism in the media, castigating anti-choice legislation, discussing animal rights, celebrating inspiring and empowering feminists and vegans, explaining the connections between feminism and veganism and gender and food, and sharing my favorite vegan recipes.

It has always been my dream to be a writer. Blogging is exhilarating, stupendous, a blast! But it doesn’t pay the bills. Not yet anyways! Sooooo if you like what you read here and are feeling especially generous, please consider making a donation via PayPal.

If you would like to support The Opinioness of the World in other ways:

If you’re already doing any of these things, thank you!

When you sit down to write — whether pen to paper or fingers to keyboard — you never know if your words will reach anyone. You don’t know if audiences will praise, revere, ignore, rebuke or berate your work. You put your ideas, your stories and ultimately yourself out there. When you blog, you don’t know the impact of your words until you hit that “publish” button and tentatively hit refresh, eagerly awaiting feedback through post views and comments.

To all of you who have read a post, liked a post, argued with me on a post, challenged my opinions, and shared my words with others — you have inspired me to keep brainstorming, keep writing.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have all truly changed my life.

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