Anti-Choice Legislators Vote Today to Overturn Healthcare Reform

With the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and with the Supreme Court upholding the legislation, you would think we could all breathe a sigh of relief. Ahhh, healthcare reform and healthcare coverage for all…right?? Nope. As soon as it passed, douchebag House legislators began furiously working to repeal it. Today (7/11), … Continue reading


Anti-Choice and Racist PRENDA Bill Didn’t Pass But It Still Worries Me

So the House just voted on a horrifying bill. HR 3541, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA). Luckily, it didn’t pass. Reproductive justice prevailed! Huzzah!! But I’m going to give you background on it anyway. Now, you might be saying, why are you going to blog about something that didn’t even happen? Because if being a … Continue reading


Guest Post: Why I Don’t Like the Phrase “The War on Women”

Written by scATX. Originally published at scATX: Speaker’s Corner in the ATX. Cross-posted with permission. In a chat with Garland Grey that was published at Tiger Beatdown this week, I wrote the following about the phrase “The War on Women”: “I feel that even the idea that intersectionality dilutes our message is false and plays into … Continue reading

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Abortion Depictions in Pop Culture: Why “Reproduction and Abortion Week” At ‘Bitch Flicks’ Is So Crucial

Abortion is healthcare — a routine, normal and legal medical procedure. 1 in 3 women will get an abortion in her lifetime. Yet we rarely witness film and TV characters obtaining an abortion or even talking about abortion. It’s “Reproduction and Abortion Week” at Bitch Flicks (my virtual home away from home!). All week-long, the … Continue reading


CLPP Reproductive Justice Conference: Speaking Out for Reproductive Freedom Opening Plenary

So on Saturday at 9am, I was ready to kick off my weekend of badass repro and social justice at the CLPP From Abortion Rights to Social Justice Conference!!! In the Opening Plenary, speakers shared their experiences, struggles, activism and passions. Tk karakshian tunchez, Denise Larocque and Mariposa and the a capella group Crazy Pitches, … Continue reading


Bowling for Abortion Access! Only 1 Day Left to Donate to My EMA Fund Triathlon Team and 1 Day Until Triathlon Celebration!

Only 1 day left!!! 1 day left to fundraise and 1 day until the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion (EMA) Fund’s 2nd annual Triathlon! If you read my blog regularly (c’mon, you know you want to!) or follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you know I’m fundraising for reproductive justice. Under the team name “The Opinionators,” I’m raising money … Continue reading


Activist Sandra Fluke Comments on Rush Limbaugh’s Bullshit “Apology” & What His Slut-Shaming Reveals

  Sexism, misogyny and slut-shaming pervade our culture. Women’s bodies are continually policed and judged. Nothing shows that better than asshat pundit Rush Limbaugh’s recent slew of insults to activist Sandra Fluke. As you probably know by now, conservative radio pundit, aka misogynistic douchebag, Rush Limbaugh called activist Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.” … Continue reading

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Inconceivable! ‘The Princess Bride’ Meets Reproductive Rights

Ha! Combining one of my fave funny films, The Princess Bride, with reproductive rights warms the cockles of this feminist cinephile’s heart. P.S. Any anti-choicers hiding behind religion don’t give a shit about “morality.” They care about mandating reproduction and controlling women’s bodies. Image via Women’s Campaign Forum Continue reading