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Raise Your Glass: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

Happy New Year, Everyone!! Counting down from 10 to 1…enjoy the top 10 blog posts of 2011:

10. Saying No to Babyville: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ One of the Few TV Shows to Explore a Childfree Life for Women

Women aren’t broken, incomplete, unfeminine or any other nonsensical bullshit if they choose not to have children. So why the fuck does EVERY woman in movies and TV series want children?! Not every woman wants babies. How I Met Your Mother one of the few shows to explore that topic in an honest, raw and bittersweet way.

9. Why I’m Not Excited to See Hollywood’s ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’

Lisbeth Salander is the ultimate feminist badass. Plagued by sexist marketing objectifying its feminist hero, dismembering her body, and focusing on her vulnerability rather than her strength, I was not excited to see director David Fincher’s remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. With all of the bullshit marketing and misguided characterization, I worried Hollywood wrecked a feminist icon.

8. No Such Thing As Bad Publicity? A Feminist Vegan’s Opinions on PETA’s Latest Porn Stunt

Feminism and animal rights shouldn’t be at odds. With their sexist images of women shackled, abused, murdered and as cuts of meat, PETA continually utilizes sexism, misogyny and fat-shaming as an advertising gimmick to garner attention. They make women’s bodies a battleground in which to wage their cause.

7. Fit to Print: Bust Magazine, The Feminist Press & Feminism in Media at Soapbox Feminist Winter Term – Day 2

Bombarded with magazine images of thin, white women with long flowing hair and books where shopping, homes and babies are the only suitable interests for women….what constitutes feminist media? At the life-changing Soapbox Feminist Winter Term in NYC, we visited a feminist magazine and publisher changing the media one magazine and book at a time.

6. V Does Not Mark the Spot: How Summer’s Eve’s Sexist & Racist Ads Get Female Empowerment Wrong

Hail to the V? More like hail to the bullshit. Summer’s Eve’s “Hail to the V” campaign objectifies women, reducing them to their vaginas. Providing a faux sense of female empowerment, the ads don’t truly empower consumers, asserting women are nothing more than their vagina, which exists solely as a vessel for babies and dicks.

5. Meat-Free Monday Recipe: Vegan Tomato Basil Strata

A delish strata, savory bread pudding, adapted from Giada de Laurentiis’ cooking show Giada at Home on the Food Network. Made with hearty bread, juicy tomatoes and minty, licorice basil…it begs to be eaten for brunch, lunch, dinner…whenever!

4. Valley of the Dolls: The Faux Feminism of ‘Sucker Punch’ Turns Women into Fighting Fuck Toys

Director Zack Snyder claims he created a critique on geek culture, rather than lavishly embracing it. Ultimately, Sucker Punch breathes misogynistic pornification, where the female characters are hyper-feminized and infantilized. They put on shows for men and serve as nothing more than mere sex objects.  I’m not sure what’s worse, Snyder’s faux feminism or no feminism at all.

3. Let’s Talk About Sex: Tackling the Taboo Topic of Sex & Sex Workers at Soapbox Feminist Winter Term – Day 1

What constitutes prostitution? Does pornography degrade women? Should sex workers have rights? Exploring issues involving sex workers who choose their profession and coerced human trafficking victims, these are just some of the questions explored on the first day of the life-changing Soapbox Feminist Winter Term in NYC.

2. Here There Be Sexism?: ‘Game of Thrones’ and Gender

Despite all of the strong, complicated female roles, sexism taints Game of Thrones. Throughout the first season, women are raped, beaten, burned and trafficked. I love this TV show too but it’s fantasy, not history. So the writers can imagine any world they wish to create. Why imagine a misogynistic one??

1. Taking It to the Streets: Egyptian Women Protest the Government Alongside the Men Yet Few Images of Women

While both women and men in Egypt protested the oppressive Mubarek regime, why were there initially so few images of women protesting? Women don’t merely sit on the sidelines, having their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons wage battle for them. Women confront corruption, fighting for freedom for their country and themselves. But why does the media write women out of history?

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