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Activist Nicole Clark Features The Opinioness in Her Ally Alert Series!

Hey fabulous readers! The Opinioness (that’s me!) is featured in her very first interview!! Social worker, consultant and activist Nicole Clark asked me to participate in her Ally Alert series, which “highlights organizations, people, and campaigns who stand with women and girls of color, particularly around sexual/reproductive health, social justice, and overall wellness.” I’m so honored to … Continue reading

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A Feminist Vegan & Domestic Violence Survivor on PETA’s Latest Ad Which Glorifies Domestic Violence

Cross-posted at Fem2pt0. Well, folks…PETA is at it again. No strangers to utilizing sexism and misogyny, they’ll do whatever it takes to garner attention for animal rights. With their latest ad campaign, they prove that nothing is too taboo to manipulate. Their latest offensive ad, “Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of Me,” … Continue reading

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Bitch Flicks’ Oscar/Independent Spirit Award Series: ‘Midnight in Paris’ and Its Woman Problem

Originally published at Bitch Flicks as part of their 2012 Oscar/Independent Spirit Award Series. I’ve never understood why people adore Woody Allen and lavish him with accolades. I’ve never liked his films. Nope, not even the adored Annie Hall, aside from the FABulous fashions donned by Diane Keaton. I know, I know…I’ve braced myself for … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to “Prime Suspect” and One of My Fave Badass Female Characters

Originally published at Bitch Flicks. Some argue women fare better on television than in films. The roles are more complex roles, with more feminist issues explored. One of the most interesting female protagonists I’ve watched in a long time? Detective Jane Timoney on Prime Suspect. A show I love that sadly comes to an end … Continue reading

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Exciting News!! The Opinioness Is Now a Contributor for the Feminist Film Blog ‘Bitch Flicks!’

I am so excited to announce that Bitch Flicks has kindly invited me, The Opinioness, to become a Contributor!! I’m an obsessive film buff and a long-time Bitch Flicks fan. I constantly watch movies and TV series, analyzing feminist themes, gender roles, sexism and the portrayal of women. For the past 2 years, I’ve written and … Continue reading

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Why Feminist Reviews of Animated Children’s Films at ‘Bitch Flicks’ Matter

Media affects how we view gender roles and identity. Children learn gender performance through movies, books, and TV. So all this week, and last week too, my fave feminist blog Bitch Flicks is featuring posts analyzing gender and female characters in animated children’s films. Inspired by her niece’s birthday party, Bitch Flicks co-founder Steph Rogers … Continue reading

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Bitch Flicks Horror Week 2011: Ellen Ripley, a Feminist Film Icon, Battles Horrifying Aliens…and Patriarchy

Originally published at Bitch Flicks as part of their Horror Week 2011 series. When I was 10 years old, the scariest movie I ever saw was Aliens. I remember the first time I saw it like it was yesterday. Late one night, plagued with insomnia (perhaps a product of my tumultuous childhood), I heard the … Continue reading